• PlexBio™ 100 Fluorescent Analyzer

    The PlexBio™ 100 Fluorescent Analyzer is part of a multiplex suspension array platform which utilizes Precision Image Code (πCode™) MicroDisc technology for multiplexing both molecular and immunoassays. The PlexBio™ 100 Fluorescent Analyzer is a robust optical imaging system that decodes πCode MicroDiscs through fluorescence detection and high-contrast imaging.

    Its components include: 1) Digital microscope with CCD and LED camera for image-pattern identification and fluorescence detection. 2) Automated system for reading of multiple targets in a 96-well plate. 3) DeXipher software for data analysis and interpretation.

    Features include: 

    • Compatibility: Compatible for detecting both molecular and immunoassays

    • CapacityHigh-throughput system analyzes up to 100-200 targets simultaneously in a single well

    • Convenience: Easy to maintain, no fluidic system thus reducing the risk of contamination

    • Cost-effectivenessMultiplexing improves productivity by reducing time, reagent, and sample volume


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